7 de enero de 2013

John dos Passos

How fine to die in Denia
Joung the ardent strenght of sun
Calm in the burning blue of the sea
in the stabile clasp of the iron hills:
Denia where the earth is red
as rust and hills grey like ash
o to rot into the ruddy soil
to melt into the omnipotent fire
the young white god the flame god the sun
to find swift resurrection
in the warm grapes burn of earth and sun
that are crushed to must under the feet
of girls and lads
to flow for new generations of men
a wine full of earth
of sun


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Anónimo dijo...

Buscando información sobre El Cementerio de los ingleses de Denia he llegado a tu Blog y me ha gustado todo lo que publicas.

Voy a encargar "A Push Cart at the Curb" (1922)

Paseando por la Red.


francesca dijo...

Gracias Pilar por pasarte por aquí y por tu comentario.